Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Well I Never! aka When Did People Become So Rude?

So it's snowing.....again. It's not like we haven't got enough already. I mean I only have 5 feet of it in my yard, I think we need about 5 more! I think it is making people cranky. Which brings me to the point of this entry. I have one question.....WHEN DID PEOPLE BECOME SO RUDE!?

I like to think of myself as a respectful, kind individual. Even when people are rude to me for no reason I tend to turn the other cheek. Most of the time. It's not worth getting all in a huffy because someone made a snide remark or gave you a dirty look. I like to live a peaceful life, it's just not worth the aggravation. But sometimes, just sometimes my buttons get pushed. I make the face and use the voice. If you don't know me, it's like a dog that's about to bite. And I know a lot about biting dogs, but that's another post altogether. My husband can see it a mile away and tends to walk, correction, run away from the havoc I'm about to wreak. Hang in there, there is a point to this story. In my adventures through the world of thrift shopping I have encountered many a rude person. Ladies who will grab a jewelry tray why you are looking through it. Reaching right into your face to grab something before you do. In my opinion, if they want it that bad they can have it. Only once have I used the look and voice that can melt your face like the lost ark. So let me tell you a story.....

Imagine if you will, a mild mannered woman browsing through a thrift store... (couldn't help the Twilight Zone intro) Anyway, I'm at my favorite Goodwill. Everyone has a favorite thrift store. I love this particular one. I know everyone by name and they all know me. I was even invited to one of the employees birthday parties.
There is one particular kid who I love talking to. I say kid because he is only 19. We will call him...ummm....Chuck Norris. (just to protect his privacy) We talk about music and art amongst other things. He's sharp and witty. I like that in a person. One evening Chuck Norris is checking me out at the register. I had quite a few treasures I had found so it was taking a bit of time. We were chatting as he was ringing me up. All of a sudden I hear a nasty voice behind me yell 'You need to hurry it up. This isn't a social visit. There are other people waiting!' I just looked at her and said 'he's still doing his job, it isn't a crime chatting with the customers.' Boy the glare I got! 'You don't need to stand there and give your life story!' I just smiled and Chuck Norris and I continued with our conversation, ignoring the daggers coming from her eyes. I finished paying and politely turned around and said 'I really hope you have a nice day'. That woman looked me dead in the eye and yelled 'BITE ME BITCH!' I had to laugh. I was in the Navy, I'm married to a sailor, I was a Derby Girl and owned a tattoo shop for 13 years. There was nothing anyone on this planet could say that would offend me. Hence the laughter. And the look on Chuck Norris's face was priceless! I took a few steps toward her and said in a very low and sinister voice 'You should be very careful about how you speak to people nowadays, you never know what that person is capable of.' Then I smiled, waved at the frozen, stunned Chuck Norris and made my merry way to my car (giggling as I went). I think that woman peed her pants a bit. I mean, I'm heavily tattooed so that instantly makes me a hooligan, riff raff, ex con or in a biker gang right? Of course I would never hurt someone, but sometimes people need a bit of a reality check. It actually was good advice if you think about it. Hopefully she will think twice before yelling profanity at strangers in public. It might actually get her hurt one day. So I guess what the point of all this is, don't be rude. Try to make the world a bit of a better place for everyone. Or I will get you.