Friday, January 16, 2015

The Darker Side Of Thrift Shopping

I LOVE  Goodwill! I find the most awesome things there! Everything from Waterford Crystal (which is a *heartbreaking* story. You can find it in a previous post HERE) But sometimes, you find things that are odd, creepy and downright horrific! I have compiled some examples of things I have actually seen that will make you say 'what in the *BLEEP* is that?!' 

Cat Butt
This is an actual salt shaker. The salt really does come out of his bum. I am actually bummed (get it? bummed?) I didn't buy this. It is quite the conversation starter. Who thought this was a good idea? Where are his back feet? What do you say at the dinner table? Please pass me the rump shaker? All I wanna do is zooma zoom zoom get the idea.

Come Get Some Candy Children
This bunny will apparently melt your face with his laser eyes. He is just so menacing. His little hand looks like he's saying 'I will get you!' *fist shake* Complete with the arched evil eyebrows and giant claws. Let's not overlook the one creepy one eyed clown-worm candle holder photo bomb. I think this should be the Easter version of Elf On A Shelf. He is always watching......

I Brought You These Flowers Now Give Me Your Brain
I still haven't figured out why there are so many bunnies at Goodwill. I took these photos in December. There wasn't even Easter stuff out. Honestly, I don't even know what this is. Googly eye zombie bunny bringing you dead droopy flowers? And what the heck is he made of? And is he part octopus? Is he supposed to have 8 legs? Why is his whisker punching him in the eye? So many questions.

Killer Clown
There are SO many things wrong with is picture I don't know where to start. Creepy dolls. They were everywhere. Laid out on the counters, on shelves and thrown in baskets. These are the stuff of nightmares. I honestly think someone thought 'Hey, this isn't creepy enough, let's thrown a clown in there. Now that is much better!' *shudder*

     Yup, that's a thing.

Do My Bidding
What. The. Eff. Excuse my language but really?! The only thing I can think of is Clown Slug. It will inch it's way toward you when you are sleeping leaving a trail of slime. It will then make it's way up your nose and implant itself into your brain using you as a host to do evil clown stuff. SOMEONE OWNED THIS! And even worse, someone designed this and made it a thing! One thing Goodwill is never short of is evil creepy clowns and bunnies. So, if you are even in the market for an evil clown or bunny you know just where to go.

These are just a few examples of what makes up Goodwill. I honestly think they should change their name to Evilwill. It would let people know what really goes on in there and scare them away. Then I can have all the good stuff to myself!

There are so many more! I would love it if you posted your own creepy finds in the comments! Let's see those terrifying clowns and bunnies!


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