Friday, October 9, 2015

Grand Theft iPhone....And Other Stuff

This is Amelia Pond.


Lil' Bit
Chicken Butt- on account of the chicken on her butt


She looks like a cute, sweet little pup, but Amelia has a problem. She is a kleptomaniac. 


Pudding Cups




And, most recently, my iPhone. Anyone who has an iPhone knows you don't have to unlock it to take a pic. You just swipe the camera icon and the camera automatically opens. I guess Amelia wanted to get in on this whole Selfie craze. On 3 separate occasions she has taken quite a few selfies. 

The First Attempt

I guess she wasn't happy with it

The Second Attempt

Artistic, but not quite right

The Third Attempt

Much Better

Then of course she had to get a pic of my fat bum trying to get my phone back


Not my most flattering angle, but better than my drivers license photo. 

And finally she moved on to video. I guess she was hoping to claim her 15 minutes of fame. 


If you see this dog, please do not try to capture or subdue. Contact your local authorities.


Have your pets taken selfies? Photobombs? Or anything just too cute? Share them with me in the comments. I'm a sucker for cuteness!


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